A close-knit band of mountaineers reinvented mountaineering in the years after the first ascent of Everest. Chris Bonington's inner circle, known as Bonington's boys, took increasingly terrible risks to pioneer spectacular routes on peaks such as the Eiger and Annapurna as well as Everest itself.

The climbers included such storied figures as Peter Boardman, Dougal Haston, Al Rouse, Doug Scott, Joe Tasker, and Don Whillans. Most of them died in the mountains, but their fiercely creative collaboration remains unique in the annals of extreme adventure.


Clint Willis is a writer and editor. His books include more than forty anthologies on adventure, politics, religion, war, and other subjects. His writing has earned nominations for the National Magazine Award and the Banff Mountain Literature Award. He lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.